And Olde Bulldogge and his struggling Mom in Need

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Barked: Thu Oct 18, '12 6:43pm PST 
Hey there. My doggy and I are going through some rough times right now (aren't we all..) and I'm just trying to get some help for him. He jumped off a balcony from the second story of a warehouse at a laser projector and is now in a ton of discomfort... Even the pain meds the vet sent us home with don't seem to be helping much, and until I can afford the xrays which wont be for a couple weeks, we wont REALLY know what is wrong with him. Any spare change or ANYTHING that ANYONE could help with, you don't even know how much we would appreciate the help. I hate having to ask for handouts, but this situation is about my adorable Bulldogge Brutis... His facebook page is loaded with his personality and the link is: http://www.facebook.com/brutis.brutiful Feel free to add him as your friend too! To make a small, and GREATLY appreciated donation, just click here: http://nwsounds.com/brutis/