Difference between male/female Newfies

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I'm about to bring a Newfoundland home with me. He was born a few weeks ago, and is beautiful. Just five more weeks!

In the past, I've owned Aussies and Border Collies, and have noted that males tend to get into more scraps than females. I also read on one site that male Newfies can be intolerant of other male dogs. I'd like to get feedback from Newfie owners on this. I've met several Newfies, and the males got along just fine together. The only exception to this was two intact males at a breeders, when a female was in heat. Even then they only looked hard at each other and were kept separated. One intact male with fixed males had no problem at all. Is this everyone else's experience as well?

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Kramer is a 5 week old Newfie boy, we haven't brought him home yet but he will be our first Newf. We have a mini Aussie currently and have owned a Border Collie before also! I've never heard of Newfies being aggressive at all. I don't know for sure, but from everything I've read I don't think they are. I guess if 2 intact males are near a female in heat they would probably fight over her but other than that I would say that Newfs are great with all pets/people. Kramer will be neutered about as early as possible so hopefully that will make him even more easy-going.