Native American Indian Dog Training Tips

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Barked: Wed Jul 27, '11 10:05am PST 
Could anyone with a Native American Indian Dog give me training tips? I have a six month old little sweetie and I love him to pieces but he is very stubborn. Sometimes when I use a command he looks at me and then just continues doing what he wants. Is this just his age? Sometimes he does what I tell him and sometimes not, it's just on his terms lol. Did any other NAID owners go through this with there puppies? He's too smart for his own good and he knows what I'm telling him to do, he's just sooo stubborn!

Barked: Wed Sep 14, '11 10:57am PST 
Our NAID can be stubborn, but I have found that she responds to positive reinforcement. We ignore the bad, praise the good. Lots of long walks have also really helped in tightening our bond and the more we walk the more responsive she is to commands. A correction collar helps to an extent. I tell her sit... if she doesn't... i pop her and say no... eventually she sits and gets praised... I never repeat the command, she knows better. She is also 6months old.

over correcting seems to shut her down though... she taking a few steps to "reset' her and try again has helped. She is treat geared, so I used treats for a while and once she was set in understanding I took the treats away. praise is the NAIDs bestfriend though. So I would work on positive reinforcement and lots and lots of attention to motivate your pup to WANT to listen to everything you say whenever you say it. Good Luck.

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Barked: Fri Oct 7, '11 1:27pm PST 
Mine's the same way. He's a stubborn little turd. We started taking him to training about 4 weeks ago, and he's responding really well. it's helped me, too - because I can see what he's like and compare him to other dogs. There were some days where I thought he was a *nightmare*, but after going to the training classes, I understand he's actually a very smart and pretty good dog.

He's doing well with the positive training (treats and praise) but we also do negative. We have a "negative sound" we give him when he does something wrong, and then we say "No," and try again. Give commands only once. if he doesn't obey with a few seconds, he gets the negative sound and then a "No." When we first started doing this, we'd have to give the command a second time, but now when he hears the negative sound, he'll do the command without us having to repeat it.

It just takes patience and practice! And be sure you're always consistent - "dont' let things slide this once" or he'll take that mile!