Shedding - Advice?

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Keya Takota

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Barked: Mon Aug 31, '09 11:43am PST 
Hi, Keya has been shedding for about three weeks, started at the beginning of August. How long do NAIDS shed and at what time of the year usually? Any tips on how to shorten the shedding period. Our trainer suggested the Furminator. Thanks!

Koney dog
Barked: Tue Sep 1, '09 10:35am PST 
Our NAID, Kona, usually starts shedding in April and finishes within 3-4 weeks. You really cannot speed up the process because some of it is not ready to go. We live in south east MI so depending on the climate where you live it may be different. At 4 months old Keya Takota may be shedding out his puppy fur as he grows into his adult coat. We do not use the Furminator but it looks like it would work great for getting out the old winter fur and we may try it next spring. We have been using a short wire brush and plucking out tuffs that come loose. Once the winter coat is gone I use a cushioned brush (it was mine) and a short wire brush to get out burs after hiking. It's best to wait until they are dry before brushing.

The coat of a NAID is amazing. There is hardly any shedding once the winter coat is shed in the spring.

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Barked: Tue Sep 8, '09 2:43pm PST 
Tala doesnt shed too much, but he does shed enough hairs that you need to wipe off your clothes when he brushes against you or gives you hugs (yup, when he is really sad he jumps up, grabs you with his front legs and holds you there, whining and trying to give kisses! the cutest thing!) and when there is wind blowing, like in the car, it finds its way around the car lol. but strangely enough, he doesnt shed nearly as much as my pit bull! lol and shes short haired! the best thing you can really do (in my opinion) is just brush them out with a wire-type brush and it cuts down quite a bit on the shedding. good luck!


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Barked: Tue Jun 18, '13 10:59am PST 
Miacho has been shedding for about 3 months now. The bay area weather has been funky lately, and I think that is affecting the process. I don't remember him shedding this long last year.