Does anyone..

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Meeko- Littlefoot

Barked: Sat Jul 4, '09 9:26am PST 
have any issues with their NAID when it comes to "hunting"?

We own two.. & our older one can NEVER be trusted around small animals.. She is so damn quick.. She has killed cats (this was BEFORE we learned that she was capable of doing so)...& many other small animals.

She once got ahold of a skunk & the poor skunk was spraying and spraying & she just kept tossing him up in the air like a squeek toy!

Just wondering why our younger NAID cares so little about smaller animals.. & if Meeko is in the same room with one she is just so mesmerized... & then I click around on this dogster site & see peoples NAIDS pictured with smaller animals & it makes me so sad!!!!

If anyone has any advice or stories for Killer over here.. Much appreciation!!! p.s.- she ONLY shows this side of her to smaller animals. She is very friendly towards children and even people she's meeting for the first time.

Wolf Friend - Cadaver Dog *In- Training*
Barked: Mon Jul 6, '09 12:06pm PST 
hi, did you bring Meeko up with small animals? sometimes, when a dog has never been around small animals as a puppy, and then suddenly you introduce one to her as an adult, they pretty much think its a new, more exciting toy.. these dogs have very good prey drive (which is why i decided to train Tala in Search and Rescue).. we had multiple cats (and little kittens) when we brought Tala home at 6 weeks, and told him continuously to be *easy* with the cats and he learned pretty fast to be gentle with the small animals.
i wonder if you were to take away the squeek toys (at least the ones that are "furry") for a while and maybe give them different toys, like ropes or bones, if that would make them realize that furry things are not toys lol.. but i dont really know, i have never had problems with any of my dogs because they were all raised with cats and see them as part of the pack...
i really hope you the best of luck, and hope someone with more experience comes along to help you out!
Meeko- Littlefoot

Barked: Mon Jul 6, '09 1:18pm PST 
Interesting.. Well, as a matter of fact.. Meeko was raised with a cat that was in the house many years before Meeko came along.. Meeko lived with the cat for two years before an "accident" happened. It really is a mystery to us why she cannot be trusted with small animals. She was socialized with them very much so when she was a little one.

But thanks for your insight.. Much appreciation.


adventure dog
Barked: Mon Aug 3, '09 10:49pm PST 
We have a NAID and a SID (Siberian Indian Dog) with our 13 year old cat. We do not have a problem with our cat but racoons, squirrels, and other animals are potential targets.

We allow them to have squeek toys, tug ropes, stuffed animals, and other toys that could look like prey. Anything that runs triggers the prey drive. We felt we had to go beyond raising the dogs with the cat and place Bailey's pack rank higher then the dogs. We feel that NAIDs are more of a pack animal then most dogs and try to use this to our advantage. They want to fit in.

We have treat time almost daily with grilled chicken, sandwich meat, or any high value treat. Bailey is always given several treats first while the dogs wait. When he is done then both dogs get their treats at the same time. The higher ranking pack members are in front, go first and eat first. The dogs are lower then the cat but the dogs are equal to each other. Humans are above all animals. The dogs are not allowed to challenge Bailey. We continue to reinforce Bailey's higher rank in the pack as often as possible. It's for he own safety.

The dogs are not allowed to focus on or follow Bailey. When they were puppies they would try to chase Bailey if he started to run. The puppy would get pinned on their side immediately and then we bring the cat back and place him next to the dog and allowed the cat to walk away. The dogs must submit to the cat and they have to be gentle around him. We have not had to pin a dog for quite a while now.

Please check out the video on Kona's page of him during chewy time. Our cat calmly walks between Dewey and Kona. They give him plenty of room and Bailey is happy to be around everyone. Being gentle around the cat will get them a treat or praise and trust is earned over time. Keep the cat seperate if no one will be around. Especially in the beginning you should be present to stop any unwanted behavior. This may not have been the perfect method but it's working for us and we have a very happy home.

Other animals are not part of our pack and the dogs want to chase them. Leave it training works best here. We toss a treat on the ground and tell them to leave it. When they leave it and look back at us we give them a different treat (not the one we tossed). Use a leash if you have to but do not allow them to have the forbidden treat. Pick up the tossed treat and put it away or leave it will mean wait for later. Leave it must mean you cannot have it. Now if they see a squirrel we can tell them to leave it and they are pretty reliable especially if I tell them before they get too focused. If no one is there to tell them to leave it then they will chase it.

Our SID, Dewey, has the same father as Meeko. He is a very impressive hunter. The NAID and NAID hybrids are awesome dogs. We hope you enjoy your pack as much as we enjoy ours!