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we got our dog one year ago as a puppy. This is by far the best dog ever. He was so easily tained, and the most sociable and loving dog. I cannot say enough positive about our experience with this dog. He is hypoallergenic. I have severe allergies to all dogs, and have not had any problems with him. He is incredibly gentle with children, and attentive to our family. He has no behavioral or health problems. I would recommend him so highly. We got ours from a family in Alaska and hope everyone is as lucky as we are to have fiound one of these dogs!!

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Joba sounds just like my Tala Koda. he is the most amazing dog we have found (and i have had quite a few different breeds and mixes). the neighborhood kids just LOVE him! they nicknamed him Wolf of course lol. he is so gentle with them, never been aggressive or showed any aggresive postures or signals towards anyone.
Tala is pretty easy to train too. i am starting him in an online Search and Rescue course pretty soon. its just a basic class but i want to see how he does. if he does good, i will be taking him to be evaluated by New England SAR to see if they will take me and him in to their training program. it would be a good way to spread the word about these wonderful dogs! well, with him luck on his studies! lol

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Here is a link for the registered breeders of NAID's. I don't see any Alaska breeders listed.



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to be honest, i dont think that is a real "official" breeders list. there is more than one breeder not listed there who all got there breeding stock from the founding breeder (Tala's breeders for example, who are not on there... they are also the best people i have interacted with, they really care about their dogs and the puppies they produce). i was going to post more, but on a second thought i know what some responses would be like... i have done quite a bit of research (very thorough research) on Karen from Majestic View and i am beginning to trust her less and less... if you are interested to know what i have found, i am willing to share it in private...
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My Grizzly is now 7 months and 60 pounds of gentle dog...I brought him home at 5 weeks old and he is so smart, loving, giving and fun. He is shy of strangers but once he is introduced he does not try to hide behind me. He loves children and other dogs so much...I could never wish for a better family dog. When I think of Grizzly I feel like this....happy dance