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What do you do to prevent/deal with the excessive anxiety or nervousness of the NAID?

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Wolf Friend - Cadaver Dog *In- Training*
Barked: Mon Jul 6, '09 12:06pm PST 
wow meeko and holly are very pretty!! im guessing that they are decendants of whitney? they look very much like her.
its neat that meeko is so calm and trusting. for tala, he is more on the calm side, and is pretty trusting now, but we always take him to fairs or anywhere there is a large group so that he can get used to unfarmiliar people and kids because we are training him in Search and Rescue and he is doing amazingly in the training, im very proud of him. the only time he gets a little timid is when there are a lot of kids who are petting him and laughing loudly or yelling but he has gotten a lot better. usually he is fine though, if he is sitting right next to me where i can pet him and let him know that everything is ok. doing the crowd thing has really helped a lot, mainly because most people do just ignore him and he can walk through them, getting right next to them without having people run up to him, but it also does have many people who will walk up and ask to pet him and we tell them to just come towards him slowly, with their hand out and let tala smell their hand first, after that he accepts them and they can pet him.
so i would suggest to anyone with a naid to use this technique, but work up to the really big crowds, start with a small crowd, then get bigger and bigger (Tala's biggest was over 500 people for the forth of july celebration in Concord NH, he did GREAT)

Barked: Wed Sep 14, '11 11:03am PST 
Our NAID is naturally timid. and I think it applies to them all. she has been regularly socialized with dogs and people since 6wks of age with little change in her chicken ways. I can say that socializing every day is the main key I have used to help with her. She was sick and so was homebound for a week and it as like being a day one, even with her puppy friends... But after a few days of walking and meeting people it has helped. She also doesn't respond well to people MEETING her... she wants to do the first action. So I advice people who want to pet her to ignore her until she acknowledges them. It is a great boost in her confidence and bravery.
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