There's Hypoallergenic and there's hypoallergenic...

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Barked: Fri Feb 6, '09 5:12am PST 
Hello all NAID, Siber Caan lover and owners!

From what I have read these breeds are a fabulous fit for our family...now again, I say ...from what I have read.

I understand that there is really no such thing as truly hypoallergenic breed. All dogs give off dander, saliva and urine. However clearly some breeds are more tolerable to those who are allergic than others.

My question is this: The above mentioned breeds have breeds in their make-up who are very well known for NOT being hypoallergenic. How is it that the NAID or even especially the Siber Caan can be good for allergy sufferers?

I also understand, from e-mailing Karen from Majestic View, that the NAID has been used for all the above mentioned breeds. She says that why they are hypoallergenic.

Karen states on her site however that all her breeds, and suggest even all her puppies will be good for those who suffer from dog allergies.

Have any of the owners here seen anything but what the website says? Huskies will shed like there is no tomorrow. Caans do shed although there are a fairly clean dogs. I am less concerned with shedding than I am dander.

I will get a sample from Karen, but was hoping to hear more about the pros and cons you have all experienced with the breed. I have no way of knowing for certain what fur Karen sends me. If I get a NAID or Siber Caan it will be from Karen as she is the closest to me.

I have done research in the past about a breeder and everything look good, until my dogs siblings entire littler died from epilepsy and the breeder KNOWINGLY breed both sire and bitch who were epileptic ...I will be even more cautious in the future.

I have read her Testimonials, but hope to learn more here. All the good and bad please!

I sincerely appreciate your help all!


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Dear JB,
I suffer from asthma and allergies and have felt pretty good around my NAID puppy. He is not shedding yet so I'm hoping that, when he does, I will continue to do well. By the way, I got my dog from Karen and he had Parvo virus which can be fatal. Be careful. I do like her set up though. The dogs appear to be well-cared for. I find it hard to believe that mine would be an isolated case since it is so contagious.

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Thank you Taza,

Anyone else??


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Hi there:

I own several NAID's. Both of my son's are allergic, and I have slight allergies. It is possible that the hypoallergenic qualities may come from the original foundation stock of these dogs which came from Native American breeders. These dogs produce less dander than most breeds. I have had very allergic visitors to my home and I am happy to say that there have been no allergic reactions. BTW, the term hypoallergenic is not correct for dogs.

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Well, Taza is now shedding and my allergies have returned. Hopefully, after he sheds his winter coat.

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Barked: Thu Feb 26, '09 2:51pm PST 
hello JB,

i am getting a NAID pup in two weeks so i cant really tell you about their "hypoallergenic-ness" lol but personally, i would look somewhere else, rather than Majestic View. i know that they are the "founders" but she is also pretty rude to many of her customers.
i was planning on getting a pup from her. she told me that she would have two litters that i could pick a puppy from and soon after i sent in my $150 deposit... i regretted it...
turned out that "all of the pups from the litters were already taken" but i still remained nice for a little bit, asking her how long until the next litters and every reply back was rude and short, like i wasnt worth her time. one of my friends i met online that was interested in getting a NAID also emailed Karen to get on the waiting list, and Karen replied back that she should get a poodle! all she asked was if she could get on the waiting list and how long she would have to wait for a pup of a litter that Karen herself could chose! she doesnt care about her dogs, they are always caged outside with little attention from what i have heard from many other Majestic customers i have talked to.
and if Taza came from her with parvo... well, parvo is not usually found in just one dog, it is most always transfered from dog to dog, mostly puppies. i would be careful with Majestic View.
i am getting my pup from Terra Pines. the breeders there really care about there dogs. they dont have nearly as many breeding dogs wich garuntees that they get plenty of attention, unlike Majestic who have dozens of dogs and dozens of litters. sure fewer litters mean a longer wait but they truely give the pups the attention they need, bringing them inside to be part of the family like they should!
they are also really nice people, sending long updates every few days about my pup Tala Koda and pictures too! they also care about the wellbeing of the dog even after they leave their home, not allowing shipping alone for it can traumatize a pup at the early stages of puppyhood and can make the pup more scared. they even offer to meet halfway or at an airport with the puppy (they have to be carryon if you fly in). they dedicate an entire section of their site for past litters and for people to send in pics of their dogs at home and its really nice to see that.(http://terrapines.com/past_litters.htm)
over all, like i said before, i would be carefull of Majestic View....
oh and my friend is also getting a pup from Terra Pines this saturday, they were nice and called her up about a puppy that was available and just chatted a bit getting to know her. she was really nice =)
i dont want to discourage you from getting a NAID, from what i have read and seen from Tala in the pics and from MANY other NAID owners (of course with any breed of dog, there were the bad experiences, but look at the APBT, they have so many bad responses but from the right owners who actually take the time to care for them and train them right, they can be the best dog for any family... i should know: i own one! and she has never been aggressive, besides once when she was protecting me but that was actually GOOD! lol) they are really friendly dogs and playful too. and as with any large breed of dog, i would be carefull with them around your kids, as they can be a little too rough.. but if taught right, any dog can be good with kids, they just have to be around them from puppyhood and supervised until the kids get bigger.

well, hope this helped, i realy want you to get the best experience out of your NAID pup if you do in fact get one =)
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hello, we have a NAID that is 6 months old. We also have two people who are extremely allergic to dogs and unfortunately that allergy results in severe asthma and hospital stays. We had two cockers that passed away and the allerigies and asthma made a remarkable recovery. I was very worried about getting another dog, and when I heard about the NAIDS I was very leary due to the serious nature of asthma. Well, Keya has been with us for over three months and is in his full blown shedding season and we have not had any sign of allergies or asthma. By the way he has been shedding for three weeks quite a lot, but he is completely worth it.

People say he is hands down the most beautiful puppy they have ever seen, he is good with our kids just keep making it clear they are below the kids. Extremely smart , learns fast. Super soft coat, seems to jump with no effort, fast and strong male!

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Keya, people say that cause they havnt met Tala yet! haha nah im just kidding! lol Keya IS beautiful!! i love these dogs so much, Tala is completely worth it.

i suppose i can now state my opinion on their "hypoallergenic-ness". i have fairly mild allergies year round to dust, dander etc. its not really horrible like Keyas family members but i can feel it when it comes around, thats for sure!! for some reason in the morning when Tala comes and wakes me up (and acts as though he hasnt seen me in YEARS =) i get every symptom! the runny nose (to the point i have a box of tissues on my bedside table) watery/itchy eyes.... but thats the only time! any other time of day i could all but shove my face into his fur and not have one single symptom. i dont know why it is, well i have an idea, but... ya.... so i think its safe to say that for me and Tala, the allergy problem is not bad, and he is certainly worth it!!

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Not sure if you are still considering, but I thought I might also chip in about Sibercaans. I can't speak for all of them - as all dogs (thankfully) have unique personalities, but my Sibercaan "Tonya" is an amazing blessing. I could never have a dog growing up because my mom is so asthmatic. She would die (no joke, no exaggeration) if we had her around a dog more than an hour or so. Not to mention that she gets severe asthma to dust, exercise, etc. In fact, her asthma is so bad that, when she was teaching, she would get asthma simply from being in the room with someone who had dogs - because of the fur/dander. That's no exaggeration and she has been to the hospital before because of it.

When I found out about NAIDs and Sibercaans, I was extremely excited but also very very very skeptical. There are a lot of "hypoallergenic" breeds out there that are simply sold as hypoallergenic but haven't a lick of evidence behind it. Or, as we have found out, only 1 or 2 in a litter are and the rest are not and you just have to HOPE you got a good one. Instead of getting one right away we made the trip across the country to visit the breeder (Karen Markel) and see the dogs for ourselves. Along with being greeted VERY warmly and having a wonderful experience, my mom had no asthma at all. I have to say, we were not 100% convinced, but we went back a few months later and picked up our little pup. The 20-hour car ride home would make the decision. I can say that 8 months later my mom has never... ever... not even single time... had even the slightest tinge of asthma due to Tonya. She spends a large amount of time inside the house with us, rolls around and plays with my mom, licks all over, but has never caused a single problem with asthma. I would venture to say that, in the case of my "little" one, she is not just hypoallergenic, but non-allergenic (well as much as anything else in your house). We have been around many others with asthma and allergies and no-one has ever had a single problem. So I can vouch for the fact that, at least Tonya and the others we met, NAIDs and Sibercaans are hypoallergenic.

I just joined to post this so I don't know if it is possible, but if you have any questions - feel free to contact me. smile