Family Trees?

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Just curious if you search back what line your NAID follows. I know we are all one big happy family snoopy I know my pups sire was Petaga and dam Ota. I believe her "grandma" is Hakota We. Still trying to trace that far.
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Saweeka Manitou is the daughter of Ayanani and Jake. Ayanani is the daughter of Arrow and Kali. Jake is the son of Canth and Ele. Canth is the son of Saranac Sam and Berachah.

I have more of Manitou's ancestors on her papers but they're put away right now and I don't want to make the mess to dig them out at the moment. :p

You can see most of Manitou's family tree (plus other Night Eyes dogs she isn't directly related to) here:

http://flickr.com/photos/nighteyesfarms/sets/72157612510737 976/

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Tala Koda comes from Leia and Solo from terra pines

Leia comes from Amidala (Whitney + Satum) and Anakin (Keyonee + Satum)

Solo comes from Otongo ( Keyonee + Haiti Kaita) and Fantastic Fred (Hakata We + Paahuma)

he actually comes from really good lines dancing