mountain cur moves to the beach - what now?

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Carolina Sky

Barked: Sun Jan 27, '13 7:31am PST 
Hi, cur lovers! We recently adopted our lovely and sweet mountain cur (erroneously classified as a "terrier mix") from a high-kill shelter in western NC. We spend a couple of months each year in that area. Once back home in SW Florida, our primary residence, we discovered that Sky was a fine example of a mountain cur. It became obvious that she had been trained to hunt and tree small game, going on night hunts as well. We have a 4' fenced yard, but she could leap over it if properly motivated. Once, on a night walk, she broke her choke chain (!) and bolted after something she saw/heard/smelled. I hate to break her of all she has learned (take the mountain out of the mountain dog), and although we are giving her all the positive training, love and nurturing we can, neither we nor she will be truly happy until she adapts to her new life in a suburban-type setting. Suggestions/comments, please?