If this the right breed for me?

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Hi, I've been reading quite a bit of stuff on the Internet and also talking to breeders about this breed. I live in an apartment with two cats, and I'm looking for a calm dog that doesn't bark a lot or at least can be trained to not bark. I visited a breeder today, and her dogs were very impressive and quiet...but that is also because she's a professional dog trainer. Can normal people train their dogs not to bark excessively? I'm prepared to walk the dog an hour a day and want to take obedience lessons.

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I had two Schnauzers, one was very barky, the other not. The barking isn't incessant but in response to some stimulus-- a sound, a voice, something moving outside, etc. The barky one would bark continiously when a stranger such as a tradesman was in the house. The quiet one is also very vigilant but only barks a couple of times, then stops. I'd be reluctant to get a dog in an apartment situation with two cats, especially if you had to leave them all alone for times during the day. My schnauzers were extremely active little dogs, and if I didn't have the kitchen door to let 'em out to play solo in a fenced in yard, I think we'd all have gone a little crazy.