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It's an up and coming place right now, as you will see, but the creator, and myself as well, really do hope for it to become and great, active place for Schnauzer owners of all kinds to discuss, share pictures, share stories, and have fun!

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I love my little baby Brutus. He is a joy, but lately, I have been noticing some odd behaviors. I got Brutus when he was 6 weeks old. Recently, he has been exhibiting nervousness around loud noises, and flyswatters, in particular. My mom went to swat a fly, and he backed up, like he was going to get hit. Now, I have never hit him with anything, except a newspaper, and that was only once or twice. He also is very nervous around power outages (we had 2 today) and loud noises in general. Is this something I should be concerned about? What suggestions do you have for me? shrug I am at a loss at how to proceed.