Diabetes in mini's

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Willie- Brulee

Barked: Sun Jul 17, '11 6:33pm PST 
I am interested in finding the best holistic food for my mini who is being tested for Diabetes. Very anxious untill the blood test results come in.
Dozer ~ CGC

Life is about- clicking and- sleeping
Barked: Sun Jul 31, '11 3:54pm PST 
One way to help is to give your dog a bit of Coconut oil every day. I believe it was best discussed on Dogster's Life With Dogs blog:

http://blogs.dogster.com/living-with-dogs/ten-reasons-to-add-coc onut-oil-to-your-dogs-diet/2011/07/

Make sure to space out any spaces in the link.

Good luck with your pup! hug