Boy or Girl for my Only Child (son)

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Hi everyone! I've been doing a lot of research into male/female puppies, and know a lot of the temperament of the puppy is based on the individual dog, not necessarily the sex of the dog, but my question is a little more specific.

We have been so eager to get a Miniature Schnauzer, and now that my son is 5 years old, we feel our family is ready for a puppy! My son is an only child, so I'd really love to see this dog really bond with him and be his little buddy, confidant, etc. since we weren't able to have more children. We all love dogs, so I don't want to give the wrong impression that we are only getting a dog to be a "sibling" to my son. I grew up with a female dog (a maltese poodle) and she was a best friend to me. My son loves both girl and boy dogs and when he says "one day when I'm bigger I hope we get a dog" I ask if he wants a girl or boy dog, the answer changes each time.

In a totally disorganized way, I guess I'm asking if you think that a male dog would bond better with my son (and vice versa), or are male dogs not as "maternal" like that? Does anyone have a son only child and has a male or female dog that can weigh in as well?

Thanks for trying to follow all of that and help in any way!