Natural Balance?

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Barked: Thu Aug 6, '09 11:55am PST 
Is this a good brand of dog food? My mom feeds it to her dachshunds who both have sensitive skin. I need to switch Einstein over but I'm not sure to what. shrug

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Barked: Mon Aug 24, '09 10:32pm PST 
yes it is very good! that's what I eat I get the Ultra Premium Formula you can go over to the website and read all the ingredients and pick the one you think is best for Einstien also in the faqs section in check your products you can see that they test their food DICK VAN PATTEN 'S NATURAL BALANCE also you can look it up at dog food analysis and see that it is recommended (not the Vegetarian Formula though they don't like that one because dogs need meat they don't like the Reduced Calorie formula either because not enough protein all the other ones got a 4 star rating though and are recommended!) you can look up any food here
dog food analysis way to go

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