Aggression toward our cats

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Barked: Mon Jun 15, '09 8:10am PST 
We are new to Schnauzers but not to dogs. Bailey was born on 3/22/09 and joined our family on 5/30/09. Bailey will follow our 9-year-old male neutered Springer everywhere, but he is not yet interested in playing with her. She is not aggressive to him, but he more or less ignores her. She is interacting well with him and our family including 4 kids age 5-16. However, she initially started playing with our 2 (of 4) youngest cats as they would play together and as she would play with her siblings by wrestling. Lately, the cats seem to not be liking the "play" as much, especially when Bailey is pulling them with her teeth across the floor by the ear or biting around the neck or tail. (Note: They are 2-3 times her size of 4 pounds.) I'm not sure if this is still "playing" to her or more of an aggression. Would love tips on how they could either play together nicely or at least how to keep the cats from getting hurt. She will respond to "No bite," but that only lasts a few seconds and is constantly repeated. I will ultimately remove her and offer her something she can chew on. Would love tips on Schnauzers with cats. Thanks.

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Barked: Wed Jun 24, '09 9:52am PST 
I have 2 cats, a ragdoll and a tuxedo, both female. When Polly was very small, the largest cat, Aiko, bullied her. Now, Polly bullies Aiko. I think they are fighting for alpha female, now that the dog and cat are nearly the same size. Cat is 15 lb, dog is 12 lb.
Hello Kitty, the ragdoll, was Polly's best friend, and now Polly bites her.
The cats fights back. Our vet says it's normal!
I think they are all establishing boundaries, as is with your cats and schnauzer.
The cats will be fine, they won't let the dog hurt them. You should also assist by gently scolding both parties when a fight breaks out... I hope I have helped a little.