ear hair pulling

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Barked: Fri May 8, '09 9:43am PST 
Hi there,
A vet told me that I should pull the hair out of my schnauzers' ears because he could get ear infections. I clean his ears once a week so I figured that would be ok. They said it wouldn't hurt him, but if it was me, I wouldn't be too happy about pulling hair out of my ears. Do I really need to do this?

Barked: Fri May 15, '09 8:25am PST 
hi yes it needs to be done and it does hurt unfortunatly,i cant do it because i get the puppydog eyes and he puts his paws on my shoulders to cuddle me ,so i leave it to my groomer but yes it does need doing.

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Barked: Fri May 15, '09 11:36am PST 
How do you clean their ears weekly? I know that miniature schnauzers need that because they are prone to ear problems, but I'm not sure how to do it. I don't think I will attempt to pull the hair out myself, I'll leave it to a professional, but on a weekly basis how would I cleanse their ears? Thanks smile


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Barked: Fri May 22, '09 1:43pm PST 
I always did pull the hair out of my dogs ears but my Vet said I should not do it anymore since studdies have shown it does more harm then good. Like speargrass gets easy in also if you pull it out the dog gets easy infection. I still scheck the ears but I do not pull anymore. I also fold the ears back in the afternoon so they can beath a bit better and I only clean if they need to. So fare no problems.
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Barked: Sat May 23, '09 6:35pm PST 
My vet is an ear infection specialist...his only advice was to use 1/4th cotton balls in the ears during baths, to keep my ears dry. I try to shake them out but mommy and daddy are good at pushing them in far.

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Barked: Sat May 30, '09 2:26pm PST 
the first time i cleaned gibson's ears i pulled hair out with tweezers... but then realized that it was easier to do it with my fingers, plus he didn't whine as much. since then i haven't pulled hair out because of y'alls suggestions. i only clean his ears once a week, right before i give him a bath! then i put some baby powder in to help them dry quickly. i also put his ears back randomly during the day, and i think it's kind of cute. plus he doesn't mind it for about an hour, then he shakes them down. i think i might continue to pull hair out as needed... like maybe once a month IF that. because i did notice that he wasn't always scratching at his ears once i pulled out his hair. and i will NEVER pull out every single hair to make him bald/smooth in his ears. that just doesn't seem right to me. thanks for the advice smile