Does your Schnauzer bark

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Super Suki
Barked: Thu May 7, '09 10:14pm PST 
Suki is my first schnauzer. It was actually an accident we ended up together, and getting to know her has been interesting. I always thought it was interesting she never barks, maybe 3 times since we've gotten her. It's always high pitched and weird like some poor little thing that doesn't know how to bark. My aunt was a big schnauzer lover and I remember hers never being yappy. Just curious do schnauzers in general not tend to be yappy? or is Suki just an oddball.

Oh also never posted in this section of the forum. Hi guyswave
Earl Grey

What is that, I- donno but I'll- find out
Barked: Thu May 7, '09 10:39pm PST 
Earl will bark normally to alert me to something or when he sees someone he deems as untrustworthy but besides that the only noise he makes when he yawns or to get my attention by making a "hey" sound

I'll do anything- for treats :)
Barked: Fri May 8, '09 9:46am PST 
Phantom isn't really yappy, he just alerts me if he hears something weird or if he sees someone that looks strange. Other than that he makes funny high pitched noises when he's playing and when he yawns. I wouldn't say he's "yappy" though.


Barked: Sun May 17, '09 10:42am PST 
gir barks to alert of strangers. but he howls more than anything, when he is happy and getting a treat or frustrated that he doesn't get a treat. i actually taught him to howl on command by saying "wahoo!" laugh out loudlaugh out loud
Dexter and- George

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Barked: Sun May 17, '09 7:55pm PST 
Yes, mostly at strangers. I'll settle down once they are accepted by my parents to the house.

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Barked: Wed May 27, '09 5:17pm PST 
laugh out loud Yappy? I beg your pardon! Schnauzers are never yappy, toy dogs can be very yappy but not me. I am a schnauzer. I am a watchdog, I am spirited, I am proud. I AM not yappy!laugh out loud

Little Ball of- Fury!
Barked: Sat May 30, '09 2:40pm PST 
Gibson barks occasionally. He likes to bark at random people that he doesn't know... but sometimes he doesn't do it at all. I can't figure it out, but it's funny! smile He almost always barks at other dogs and cats, but gets over it soon. A lot of times after he comes inside, I will shut the door and then round the corner and he kind of growls at me. Not a mean growl, just an excited one I guess. I just look at him and say silly boy and then he gets all excited again cause I'm either fixing his food or giving him some fresh water. I don't mind Gibson barking the way he does. I also wouldn't mind if he barks at the doorbell, just as long as when I tell him to stop he will. smile

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Barked: Sun May 31, '09 7:57pm PST 
Evan is a constant barker.
He barks when he's happy, mad, sad... anything. And at everything.
He's very excessive but I know a lot of Schnauzers that bark a pretty good bit.
Maybe thats just my experience.
Dozer ~ CGC

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Barked: Tue Apr 20, '10 4:42pm PST 
I've heard that Schnauzers are supposed to very yappy, and all the ones I've met besides my own are. But my dog rarely barks, in fact I'm relived when he does. At first I thought he was mute.
Max (aka- Sebastian)

Lovin Life
Barked: Thu May 13, '10 7:01am PST 
My grandparents had schnauzers which they recieved from my uncle who also had schnauzers. From my experance with schnauzers, if they are board, untrained or under exercised, they will be very barkey dogs. My uncles dogs were never barkey, but they were all exercised well, and trained very well aslo. My grandparent's schnazuers were barkey, they weren't exercised a lot, and did not recieve a lot of triaing ( they were greatly loved though).
Neither schnauzer I have had has barked much. Our 1st one didn't even know how to play when we adopted him, but he never barked. Max, he never barks much, so when he does alert me to something, I take him very seriously. He won't even bark at the dogs next door, his fur will stand straight up and a little growl will come out, but no bark ( as where the dogs nect door go crazy barking).