Help my mommy is worried

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Barked: Fri May 1, '09 6:36pm PST 
My mommy is worried because i have little bumps on the underside of my neck, 1 on my snout and another on the top of my head. The vet said it was the comedone/schnauzer bump thing but my mommy thought that was mainly on the back and that they are black. These bumps are a little scabby. Please let me know if you have any ideas of what this might be.

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Barked: Sat May 2, '09 6:23am PST 
You have perfectly described a case of schnauzer bumps. There are all sorts of things that can cause them, from diet issues to not brushing your dog enough to get all of the dead hair out.

If there are other skin problems you might want to consider changing what you feed him. The best place for that would be one of the diet discussion forums (I feed raw so I'd say go to the raw forum, but if you're not comfortable with that, do what's right for you).

In terms of grooming, your little fellow is old enough to have started to lose his puppy coat, if he has not totally lost it already so a build up of dead hairs might be contributing as well. I would consider more frequent brushing (like every day) and looking into getting a grooming tool that is designed to remove undercoat. Different tools and techniques work for different people, and since I strip Uschi (meaning I pull her hair out rather than cutting it - not as bad as it sounds, trust me), I really don't know what works best to get rid of dead hair.