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Toby aka- Studmuffin

Toby Mr.- Studmuffin
Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 9:16am PST 
Hey all you mini schnauzers lovers! I have a fun question, whats your prediction?
Lets Say; You have a male mini schnauzer he's black with a recessive chocolate gene, both his parents were black, but he had a grandparent whom was a chocolate.
Then you have a female mini schnauzer she is a darker salt and pepper with a little hint of chocolate(another chocolate recessive) Her mother was a chocolate parti and father was black.
Breeding the two what variety litter do you think you may get?
I've tried doing dihybrid punnett squares with this, but I can't figure those darn things out. Lol.

SAMSON - aka - Sir Barks-A-Lot!
Barked: Thu Apr 9, '09 1:42pm PST 
Hi ya Toby

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