Where do you start a search for a new puppy?

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Casey- 1996-2009

Casey-The- Perfect Dog
Barked: Sun Mar 15, '09 2:02pm PST 
Life just isn't the same without our Casey. Our home feels so empty. I still look for her in every room. It is time to buy a puppy, another miniature schnauzer without a doubt. I can find no schnauzer breeders on Long Island, NY and I don't want to buy a pet shop dog and support puppy mills. Where do I go? I looked online and found mail order puppies and that just doesn't seem like the way to find your next best friend.
Any suggestions?

Schnauzer Wowzer
Barked: Wed Mar 18, '09 6:04pm PST 
Petfinder.com is a great resource. If you can't find a Mini Schnauzer near you, contact your local rescues and let them know what you are looking for. Many will let you know if they find what you want.

Many dogs that are sold on those puppy websites are from puppywills and BYB that have gone high-tech. Please don't support them! Good Luck on your search!
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Abigail- (Abby)

Social/Therapy- Dog
Barked: Wed Jun 3, '09 11:34am PST 

Check out American miniature schnauzer club for breeder. Be careful though when my family was looking for our dog. We found this wonderful site but it was a miniature schnauzer puppy mill. I say network around with people to make sure your get the best of the best.