Hi i'm new!

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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 8:12pm PST 
I everyone I joined my family about three months ago and my mom finally got around to adding my info ( took her long enough). I have 3 furbaby brothers. Only 1 looks like me the other two are really big but they are are both push overs! Especially my GSD brother Orion. When I first got to the house he wouldn't stop licking me! Gross!!! Anyway I also have 1 human brother. He is a baby like me. He is 1 and he loves to love on me. I like to lick him when my mom isn't looking...shh anyway I wanted to stop by and say hicheer

Feed me!
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 6:24am PST 
Hiya Cassie... I'm new here as well... and wanted to welcome ya!

Aren't ya a cutie pie!

*schnauzer wink* me, ~Strauss puppy

pet me, not- Maxx!
Barked: Wed Dec 10, '08 1:56pm PST 
Welcome! My human boy is 7 and hugs me a lot. I poke my humans with my paw when I want attention (i.e. all the time).


Barked: Thu Dec 11, '08 6:46pm PST 
Hi everybody!

I am also new! I was just rescued today and my new family rocks!

I hope to find some new doggy friends here. happy dance