I need your opinion I'm new here and to the Schnauzer world

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Barked: Tue Nov 4, '08 6:20pm PST 
I got Shelby 2 weeks ago when she was 7 weeks old. She was groomed by the breeder but you can tell it was a quick job but she was adorable either way. Well 2 weeks after getting her her fur has grown so fast and I went to Petco to get her some stuff and a guy called her a mutt =/ totally sucks but she does look like the Tramp right now (Lady and the Tramp). So she's in need of a hair cut and since she's too young and not yet fully vaccinated I can't take to a professional groomer to get cut and I love the Schnauzer cut. So I read up on grooming schnauzers and watched a great informative video and took a chance an cut her myself, and that's with never holding clippers lol! shh

This is how she turned out: http://dbworld.s3.amazonaws.com/6459818_600.jpg

Not perfect but I'm happy with the results. So to my point I want your opinion, I love fluffy furry leg furnishings but since she's a puppy her puppy fur is so fluffy and kinda curly. Should I trim the top of her leg furnishings to even her out or it's ok the way it is with the furry tops.

PS cheer I can't wait for her beard to grown in I'm so excited!! But the breeder who cut her hair shaved the top of her nose up to the middle of her eyebrows so I guess it'll look pretty funny as it grows out.

PSS I'm not gonna groom the face I took my chances w/ the clippers but the face and w/ her so young I don't want her to lose an eye for perfect eyebrows so that'll just have to stay scruffy til a professional can weed wack them =).

Thank you!! wave

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Barked: Wed Nov 5, '08 7:27am PST 
WOW! Great job for someone who never even held shears before!applause
I would've never trusted myself. I'm sure as your pup grows you'll experiment a bit and tweak the cut to your liking. Their body shapes will change so much as they grow and you'll be able to adjust accordingly. Schnauzer cuts are in my opinion a matter of taste. The traditional way (at least that I've experienced in Europe) was with the hair growing long and combed over the eyes with a long skirt. It just doesn't appeal to me and certainly wasn't practical for us. We tend to keep Rudi's skirt (and face) trimmed short to cut down on matting and eye irritation. We have a fantastic groomer who showed us how to cut the eyebrows with scissors when they get too long. I think it gives him more of a puppy-like look. If you look on Rudi's Page - I have changed his main Profile Pic to one after a trip to the groomers. It might be too short for your taste but it works well for us and spares us from grooming every 4-6 weeks. Congratulations on your Sweet Puppy!!! And again... Great Job! way to go

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Barked: Sat Nov 8, '08 8:46pm PST 
Yes, very nice for a first attemp.

We keep my boy curly all over! (Check our page for what I mean), but in the hot summer months we have him fully shaved.

But, yes, you could have a future as a Schnauzer groomer! smile

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Barked: Tue Dec 9, '08 6:49am PST 
I did not send my kids to the groomer till they were 3 months.
They were so cute in their puppy fur-look - i actually miss that sometimes.

Just need to bath, brush their coat in the meantime. I think they look cute in their puppy hairstyle..