Clipping a schnaurish dog

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Better than I- was
Barked: Wed Aug 6, '08 8:26am PST 
Hi I am Zoey a schnaurer mix who loathes groomers and have been asked to NOT come back 6 times (six different groomers). So the She has been scissoring as much off me as she can and just got Wahl Pro clippers. There are lenghts of 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 1/8. She is willing to take the plunge, but which lenght does she use? She really can't give me a bath until she gets the hair off, otherwise everything will knot up, and well, I am getting a bit stinkyred face

Can I fit my- head through- that?
Barked: Thu Aug 7, '08 4:02pm PST 
Alright, my mother cuts human hair and used to groom our first dog, so this is her advice: Before starting make sure your dog has no knots or tangles in her fur, otherwise the clippers won't go through and you'll risk hurting her.

Based on our experience, clipping down to a half inch is a good start. If it's not what you hoped for, you can always clip shorter when the fur starts to grow back.

One thing you need to be careful about is how a dog might respond to the sound/feel of the clippers. You may need to have her restrained in some way so that she will not run off only half groomed. Even better is if you can have someone to help hold her in place and keep her calm/distracted.