How to pick the best pet?

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Barked: Tue Jul 15, '08 6:04am PST 
I've had my eye on a miniature schnauzer/bichon cross and have put a tentative deposit on him. I have a few questions though and was wondering if people more experience with these two breeds could shed some light on it for me. A few considerations...
Do you think this schnauzer/bichon mix will be good with respectful, supervised kids aged 4 and nearly 2?
When I first met the pups at 4 weeks old they were still too young to really gage their personality that much but I just went with my son the other day and saw them now that they are 6 weeks old which leads me to my other query in relation to the original pup I had interest in:
Out of the other litter mates he wasn't the shyest but he definately wasn't the most outgoing either. He didn't seem afraid of me but he was very quiet and sort of just watched us. There were other pups that came right over and were jumping up to get some attention. I don't want an overly dominant pet as I have kids and don't want the dog vying for that spot...on the other hand, I also don't want a dog that will be shy/fearful around the kids. What temperament characteristics should I be looking for when picking one out The owner of the dog just wants the pups to find good homes since it's an accidental breeding and so I don't really trust what she says a whole lot. She seems to think that whatever dog you get will adjust to life with kids because it's a puppy and will be still young when it comes home (at 9 weeks). The pups are 6 weeks old currently.

Advice, please!

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Barked: Tue Jul 15, '08 10:46am PST 
Hello there,

I think it is very hard tell you what pup you should get, since we can not see the dogs. You should get one that is not high in prey drive . You should not forget " all pups want to play, and they all have sharp little teeth" You need to talk to your Children and advice them on how to play with a pup and how to handel it.
Your Posting sounds a bit to me like you are not sure if you doing the right thing , I think that is normal, and it shows that you careway to go
Also a pup from a good breeder should never be scared, it is ok if some of the pups are more laid back then otheres, but please remember that this can change very quikly. Talk to the breeder I am sure she can help you to find a pup that is a bit laid back. I do hope you have lots of fun with your new family member.
Are you going to see the pups befor you pick one????
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When picking my puppy, the breeder told me that if you put them on thier back and they don't really fight you, that they probably will have a calm temperment. If you put them on thier back and they fight and growl - they might have more of an agressive personality. I am not sure if this is true, but that is what a breeder told me. You might try it when you got get your puppy . . . . . .