Tug of War

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Barked: Mon May 19, '08 1:34pm PST 
Hi all. My dog likes to play tug of war with my pants anytime I get up to walk around the house. He is almost three months old. I played tug of war for a few days with him with a tug toy when I first got him but stopped when I heard that it makes them aggressive. He doesn't seem to want to stop playing though. Any ideas on how to get him to stop?

Can I fit my- head through- that?
Barked: Tue May 20, '08 5:46pm PST 
I've never had a game of tug of war turn into anything more than a game. As long as you let your dog know there are limits playing tugging games should be fine. It might even help if you got him a tug toy though, redirect his attention from you to the toy. I play tug of war with my little Uschi monster and she's never become aggressive about it.

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