Daddy wanted me to share a Schnauzer link with you

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I am Daddy's- princess
Barked: Thu Aug 16, '07 11:40pm PST 
Daddy wanted me to share a Schnauzer link with you. He's been spending more time with us so we tell him to go on Dogster (between walks and trips to the park of course) and share his love for Miniature Schnauzers and all of Gods other four legged creatures.

There was an amazing man named Dan Mohryecogniak who has passed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with his puppies who crossed over before him. Dan was a Schnauzer guy, he opened his heart and his home to over 20 of them. Dan was no hoarder...he was a kind and gentle soul who wanted nothing more than to do right by his dogs 365 days a year.

Dan was a big burly truck driver, but wrote many beautiful and sometimes sad poems about dogs that bring Daddy to tears every time he reads them. Dan's family keeps his web site active in his memory and the memory of his many fur kids who have since found new homes thanks to the many Miniature Schnauzer rescue groups in the US.


I hope you enjoy his site as much as Daddy does. Daddy tells me and brother that he wishes he could be half the man that Dan Moryecogniak was.