Eating changed!

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Boogie Baby &- Artie Fartie
Barked: Wed Jul 11, '07 7:16am PST 
I have Artie who is 2 months he was eating fine until his very first visit to the groomer this past weekend. Now he is a picky eater he will eat randomly from before he would eat 3 times a day. I have tried mixing with wet food he liked it but got old very quickly. His personality has not changed at all he is still very active and a happy go lucky dog!! He drinks lots of water and poo is nice and hard! wink I have tried switching the food too but he doesn't seem to like it either...what do i do?!!?!? HELP!!!!! confused

Barked: Mon Jul 23, '07 1:07am PST 
wat kind of dog brand r u givin ur pup to eat?

My ears tell it- all!
Barked: Wed Jul 25, '07 9:38am PST 
Give him a few more days and see if it dosent change, he's probably still in shock over the grooming, it is hard on them sometimes.


I am Daddy's- princess
Barked: Thu Aug 16, '07 12:38pm PST 
Hi there,

Is Mom or Dad feeding you the same kibble that you were fed when you were still with Mommy Dog? If your Mom or Dad changed the food then there lies the problem. Your a little puppy and you need to gradually be switched over to different food if thats what your Mom and Dad decided. Your tummy is really sensetive still.

When my Daddy switched me to the kibble that I eat now, he took three weeks to switch my food.

25% new / 75% old for first two weeks
50% new/50% old for third week

When I turned 12 weeks old I was eating the higher quality stuff that Daddy chose for me.

Daddy said to also tell you that you shouldn't go places where other dogs are (except the doctors) until your 12 weeks old. You haven't built up all your immunities yet. Make sure your Mom and Dad get all the puppy vaccinations that doctor tells them you need.

My worst fear is that you may have gotten Kennel Cough at the groomer. If you get lethargic or start having a non-productive cough (it will sound like a piece of bone is stuck in your throat), get to the doctor right away. There is a medicine called Clavamox that you will take to get better.

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