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With the Angels~- 7/19/96-7/10/09
Barked: Wed Mar 14, '07 3:14am PST 
Was just wondering how you guys picked out your groomers? I am a new kid in the family and mom wants to get me all freshened up here in the next few days. She's had a schnauzer before and used to use a groomer that quite simply was just the closest one that seemed decent. She would be ok with using them again for me, but was thinking of maybe trying someplace new. She also would sometimes groom Bowser herself, but that was a ton of work for someone that really idn't know what they were doing.

Did you guys interview the groomers you use? Do your parents groom you? Did you ask neighbors for references? Did you look at pictures of dogs that they had done? Or did you just find the closest one? Other suggestions?

Member Since
Barked: Sat Mar 17, '07 1:22pm PST 
Good schnauzer groomers are hard to find. I would start out by asking the breeder, then other owners that you can find. Or just give in and teach yourself. You can get instructions on the web and a great Wahl cordless clipper only costs $125 IMO the clipper is the thing that you have to get right. I know the WalMart ones for around $40 are just a waste on time. If you make a little mistake don't worry about it, it's hair and will grow back. My guys didn't like being left at the groomers but don't mind me doing it.You can cut them just a little longer and do it more often and they will always look good. Good Luck

Carpe Diem
Barked: Sun Mar 18, '07 4:25am PST 
My groomer was recommended by my breeder. Plus, my mom also asked a lot of her "dog people" friends. My groomer also does doggie daycare, so I go one day a week to get a bath (yuck) & PLAY (yay) all day with my pals. We get a special price by purchasing the grooming package - baths are 1/2 price if we go every week, then my full groom is free. It's a great plan according to my mom because I stay clean & pretty.


Where's the- squirrel?
Barked: Sun Mar 18, '07 8:40pm PST 
Hi Duke!

When we moved from another state, I contacted the local Miniature Schnauzer Society president. She made some recommendations on vets and groomers. The vet was too far away, but the groomer was excellent. The groomer eventually left to go work with horses, but by then I'd been here a while and asked other dog people. Whenever I see a good cut on a schnauzer, I ask where they go.

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Tater Tot

Whats mine is- mine & whats- yours is mine
Barked: Tue Mar 20, '07 4:51pm PST 
Hi Duke! We asked several neighbors about local groomers and went with the popular opinion. We love our groomer! We once tried a different groomer because we had heard good things about them too, but it turned out to be a disaster. They fed both of our girls homemade treats all day without asking us if it was okay. It was a nice thought, but our girls have very sensitive stomachs and we think that it is what gave them both Pancreatitus. We didn't even think to ask about it. Our normal groomer has a strict rule about not feeding dogs for that exact reason. We hadn't even thought about it! Anyways, just something to think about...

You can check out the Dogster Local page, there might be some groomers listed in your area. smile

Me and mommy are- joined at the- paw
Barked: Sat Mar 31, '07 1:03pm PST 
Hi pups! my name is Laya..new here...My mommy use to take me and Abby to a groomer until the lady yelled at us...well it got back to our mum and she let the lady know what she thought and then went out/bought herself new clippers and used the pattern I already had been cut to and she is a pro at it now....But all in all we like it because our mommy does ours...so owners really check out your groomer real well...Good Luck!

Better than I- was
Barked: Wed Apr 4, '07 8:39pm PST 
We go to who will take me, as I have been 'banned' from a couple of places! The cut is mostly schnaurish, and works for right now.

With the Angels~- 7/19/96-7/10/09
Barked: Tue Apr 24, '07 8:34am PST 
Man, am I dumb... I totally forgot my step-mom's friend is a groomer and owns her own place! We don't see her all that often, maybe once or twice a year, so it's not really my fault that I forgot. Her shop is about 45 min-an hour a way too.

Where's that- Cat?
Barked: Wed May 9, '07 7:36am PST 
I don’t have to worry about finding a groomer. ACK, my mommy been grooming for 25 years. She says you need to get references. Ask if they specialize in Terriers. If you live in southern California or Central California and/or some other places around the States, my mommy can hook you up with a great groomer. Just send me a message. Just remember schnauzers don’t wear hula-skirts and make sure the hair is pulled out of your ears (very important). Also remember bows only cover-up a poor groom job. Besides where are you going to stick a bow on a schnauzer anyways? Don't tell me please...... big grin
Bowser (In- Loving- Memory)

Mommy's angel
Barked: Thu May 10, '07 9:29pm PST 
smile When mom got me groomed the one time, they stuck these stupid little blue bows on me-one by my butt and the other on my head. I looked totally dumb and they were really irritating.
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