my min pin won't stop trying to nip people! HELP

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Barked: Tue Oct 8, '13 10:15am PST 
I have a 5 year old min pin who randomly lunges and tries to nip a people. He does it on walks mainly and I can handle that because he is on a leash. What I am concerned about is that he lunges at my neighbor's guests when they come through the gate. I share a front yard with my neighbor and want her guests to feel comfortable. When he does this attempted lunging and nipping, his tail is always wagging. I know he is not a threat but they run making it worse! what to do.

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To be honest, you really can't change the attitude of the dog. I have 2 Min Pins who love everyone, one who absolutely despises anyone, and one who's cautious around strangers, but usually ends up not liking them at all. Personally, I'm a bit disappointed with the two who love everyone, since the breed is not meant to be a lover of strangers at all, but the one who despises all can be a problem when family comes to visit. The cautious one ends up liking family after a day or two, but he's the best dog ever when he has that realization. I've had all of these Min Pins with a Rottweiler, (they all grew up with him, and he made snap decisions of who is good and who is bad, he chose most people as good, they chose them as bad,) Currently their "big dog" is a Boxer, and he's just like the Rottie, people are good, so get attention from them and love it. Min Pins are just bred to keep the eye on the target (unfortunately a "rat" as they were trained, do their job and get fed. I'd never give up a single Min Pin that I have, and to me they're one of the best dogs there are, but people that get them have to realize that they were bred for a job, that job was killing intruders (an intruder to the could be the rat they were trained to kill, or the person that reached into "their" yard. No differential there. NO birds at all are allowed to land on our 2 acres of fenced yard for the dogs, THEY are trespassers, and will be dealt as as such.