Is it possible that my dog is a purebred Min Pin?

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I adopted Luna from a shelter at four months old (she's supposedly about 21 weeks). She was listed as a possible Chihuahua/Italian Greyhound mix. I have another Chi mix, so I don't think she really looks like a Chi, except she's small. She really looks like a little deer! She has red fur, and a white patch on her chest. Her ears were floppy when we adopted her, but have since started to stand up. I wish I could post a pic, but there doesn't seem to be that option here. She currently weighs almost 8 lbs., which I've read is on par with a Min Pin of her age. She is dominating our male 22 lb., 5 yr. old male Chi mix (we think he's part Whippet - he's gracile like she is). If anyone would like to help out, I can send you a pic. Thank you so much!!

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A pic?

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She may be mixed with a min pin, but she is definitely not a purebred (in breed standard), because of the white patch.