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adopted a min pin that was caged for 11 months!

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Barked: Thu May 23, '13 6:59am PST 
Hello All,
I am new mom to a almost 2 year ol min pin, her life didnt start off great. I was walking past a pet shop, ( i know i dont like pet shops either) and i was compelled to go in. I went in and was amazed at the prices of these adorable puppies from 1000 to 2600.00, and i started playing with 2 little daschunds when i tapped on the head i looked up and there in a small crate with only shredded paper was this beautiful little girl. She was born on 6/3/11. my dad just died on 6/3/12. Once i saw that, and her age i asked the store owner about her, she was there 11 months in the tiny crate/ it actually looked like a bird cage. i was sick for her and i nearly walked out with her. She unlike her neighbor dogs was the low price of 300 bucks, and i am not ashamed to say i paid 300.00 dolllars for her, got her "paperwork" and brought her home, she is a joy, i was worried she had developmental problems from sitting in a crate w/o any attention for 11 months, but she's adjusting she had a hard time walking upstairs and tired easily, i think she needed to build her muscles up and now she's happy she has a real bed, food, toys and a Pug sister named Chloe. She has a real name now, she's Lola my beautiful little red min pin. I didnt grow up having dogs and she is my second one and the love i get from her and my chloe pug girl is without measure. Sometimes i think if i had dogs before i had kids, i might not have kids. lol. Im glad to say Lola has a family, she's healthy and she's loved.

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Congrats on your purchase. Unfortunately, this is how it works with puppy mills and pet shops, there is always someone who takes pity on that doggie in the window which helps them stay in business. I am not trying to make you feel guilty about that but your subject line says that you adopted a dog. No offence but you did not adopt, you bought one. Best of luck regardless.


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little angellittle angel
You should be awarded a heart of gold. I almost cried. I am passionate about my min-pins and am very happy to hear there are still people I the world that have a heart and use it to do good for the less fortunate. I am a min-pin breeder for all the other min-pin lovers out there and most of my proceeds go to helping dogs in the same situation as this little on in the cage. I bought a 1 yr old pup one time that I seen get kicked in the head for tinkling on the floor. The dog was actually getting kicked for the irresponsible training of his owner.
So, I brought him home and he hung out with us and I intended to keep him until one day a little girl (her mom is a friend of the family) came to me who had just lost her dad and said can I pet him. I said sure, why don't you ask your mom if he can be your new best friend. So mom says yes and the girl named him Mike after her father.Thanks for sharing you gave me some faith in the world.

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^So let me get this straight: you breed min pins and use the proceeds to rescue other min pins? How unbelievably benevolent of you confused How many of your "products" needed to be rescued? Surely you cannot guarantee that they all went to a good home.

Why breed and buy when shelter dogs die.