Mini Pinscher potty training

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Okay let me introduce my dog her name is Cocoa she is about 1 year old, and me and my wife adopted her from an elderly lady who could not take care of her. She is very smart, and a ball to play with. She daily accompanies me on 3 mile runs all the time, and loves it! But unfortunately we are having some problems training her not to go in the house. Below I will explain the situation, and any mini pin owners chime in on how to help!

Okay so Cocoa does know that outside is where to potty. We can ask her if she needs to potty, and if she does she goes immediately to the door to go out. We don't have a fenced in yard so she is leashed to a long nylon cord to do her business. It usually takes her 5 to 10 minutes to do her business because she has a particular side she uses for peeing, and for pooping lol. What I am trying to teach her is that going in the house is completely unacceptable. I want to teach her that if she has to go that standing by the backdoor or something similar will help me to know to let her out. We currently let her out every 3 to 4 hours or a few minutes after eating, and drinking. If she does go in the house she will go to a room where we are not, or will do her business the moment we are not paying attention to her. She is VERY fast about it lol. For discipline we take her to the spot tell her no and give a look of disappointment (never anger or spanking her) then we put her in the crate we have for a few minutes.

The question I have is are these good tactics to teach her the proper way, or am I doing this all wrong. She has gotten better about the bathroom problems since we adopted her, but she is not quite there yet. The point I want to teach is you cant use the bathroom in the house, alert us if you need to go, and to hold it until she is outside.

(Btw I don't want to sound harsh because thats not how we are with her at ALL we just want to convey that potting in the house is a NO go no matter what)

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Ours also does #1 on one side of the yard and #2 on the other. How funny! Because she spends every minute by our side; once she disappears for a moment, we assume she's sneaking off to do her business. We go get her and put her outside and encourage her to "go pee pee".

We were told to never punish her by putting her in her crate after messing in the house or behaving badly. The crate is supposed to be her sanctuary and nothing to dread.

Good luck. We've had ours for two months, and she's incredibly time consuming.