Future Min Pin Mom Looking for advice!

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Hi there!

I will hopefully be getting a min pin in the near future but I am a little nervous but mostly excited. I have been reading everything that I can find (and the dogster forums definitely help, too!) and the breeder is working with me and answering questions as well, which makes me feel much better.

I joined here because I wanted to get the opinions of some people who already have min pins in their family. It is just my mother and I (I am 25 but I live at home right now) and we are very excited about the puppy. We've owned dogs before but never the min pin so this will be a new experience for both of us.

I guess what I'm asking is this: Is there anything that I should look out for when I bring the pup home? I read that they can be brittle boned and are very exciteable. Does the breed have any other quirks that you as min pin owners have noticed?

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With any puppy, slow safe exposure is really important. Make sure that the pup is exposed to everything in his home environment is a positive way. Reading a book about puppies and basic training is a good start, and also I would strongly suggest a puppy socialization class and basic obedience after. Before you get your pup make sure you have researched everything so you dont have any surprises when you actually have a crazy pup living with you! I would suggest looking in to food types, I fed raw to my min-pin and he did so well on it! But now that I also have a doberman, raw was to expensive, so I a on a 5 start holistic dog foor brand (No filler or grains and meat and veggies)