Would like info on potentially showing my min pin

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My cousin bought a min pin for her father who is senile and he got too old to care for her so my boyfriend and I have her now. I know absolutely nothing about dog showing or even dogs, I guess. I have been more of a horse person. But from what I've read about min pins online, I have decided that the one I have been handed is exceptional: to begin with, she is nearly hairless, but she is a very attractive dog, believe it or not. She is lean, yet muscular, and just looks like an athlete. Stands exactly 11.5 inches high from her shoulder. When I got her she was terrible- just spoiled rotten, didn't want to listen, couldn't even walk on a leash. But my boyfriend and I have grown up in households where the dog is supposed to be obedient, so we have both worked with her a lot. We've owned her for about a year and she is a different dog- really smart and learns commands faster than any dog I've seen. Just really aims to please... she has her "min pin" moments, but people tell me she is the best behaved min pin they've ever seen, because we don't let her get away with anything!!! We also take her to the dog park fairly often where there is an obstacle course. She loves it so much! She can jump even the highest hurdles! She just really wants to please us and has so much fun doing it. Now I am wondering about showing: I have read that she cannot be shown in conformation because the AKC does not accept her rare "blue" color, but I have read that the blue min pins can be shown in obedience and agility. I am trying to figure out if she has potential there. Where and how can I register for a show? I'm sure there are several types of shows. please, if you can, let me know what I need to know about them! Also, what goes on in an obedience competition? What advice can you give me to prepare? Thank you for reading!!!