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adrenal tumor

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Barked: Mon Oct 31, '11 9:52pm PST 
my min pin has just had a adrenal tumor found when ultrasound was done. Has anyone else had their min pin have such a horrid find? or issues with Cushings? etc

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Barked: Sat Nov 10, '12 8:19pm PST 
Sorry to hear. So your dog has cushings that is secondary to the tumor ? I think the two options are surgery or medication. I understand that the best option is to get the dog stable with medication prior to surgery. Dogs that get this done fair better that dogs that just go to surgery and then their hormones crash waiting for the other adrenal to kick in. Left side adrenal is easier to get to than the right, although a QUALIFIED surgeon should be able to do this. It is major surgery. I wish you and your dog the best !