Volunteers Wanted

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Barked: Thu Oct 7, '10 9:34pm PST 
I may not be a miniature pinscher, but I play one on tv... er... the internet... or my imagination, lol. Okay, so maybe I just help some needy min pins out sometimes and they let me hang around.

I volunteer with the Texas branch of an international miniature pinscher rescue called IMPS (Internet Miniature Pinscher Service) They're a pretty cool bunch of very dedicated individuals who are committed to helping dogs in need.
These dogs become members of their families until either they are adopted into new families of their very own or the time comes for them to move on past the rainbow bridge. Not every one is cut out to be a foster parent, but there are endless other tasks crucial to running such an organization. Among other things, volunteers are needed to process applications, transport dogs, write biographies and recruit new volunteers.
Volunteers, fosters and adopters are screened and all pets in the household must be altered, properly vaccinated and on heartworm prevention as appropriate.

For more informations, please look IMPS up at http://www.minpinrescue.org

The min pins (and one overgrown cowdog pup) thank you! snoopy