Hi I was told by breeder I was a Chihuahua but, mommy thinks Im min pin?

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Lets GO! GO! GO!
Barked: Sun Mar 14, '10 3:59pm PST 
I was bought off craigslist to be a chihuahua but after now a month I deffiantely show little resembelance om a chihuahua so just to be sure I dont have anything cropped so.... yeah tell me if I truely am.

Give me some- luving....lol
Barked: Sun Mar 14, '10 6:27pm PST 
I don't know.. Looks Min Pin to me. Maybe a mix? Sooooo cuteblue dog

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Barked: Sun May 2, '10 9:31pm PST 
Your def not a full breed... maybe chihuahua and min pin but still super cute smile


Miley Min Pin
Barked: Mon May 24, '10 2:28pm PST 
I'm not sure what breed your dog is, but it is soooooooo super cute!! Love those ears!!blue dog