not sure what to do

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Barked: Mon Feb 22, '10 9:53am PST 
I started the post "whats going on" about a week ago because my 1 year old min pin just started peeing on our bed for some reason out of the blue. she had never done this before and after hearing some of your comments I am pretty sure its a behavior thing and nothing medical. she hasn't peed on our bed again but we haven't let her in the bedroom unless we are with her but now she is being destructive with other things like i was in the kitchen 2 ft away from her and i caught her ripping up our carpet and she tried to chew up one of my shoes which she has never done. I thought it may be because she is in the house more now because of the snow so i put her little coat on her and took her for a long walk and let her play with some other dogs and she came inside and started chewing on my fiance's shoe again. I don't know what to do she has never acted like this before. Like i said in my last post my fiance got hurt on Monday last week but nothing bad he still works but he has his arm in a sling and has to have surgery he still does stuff around the house but that is the only change thats happened and the next day is when she started this behavior ... what should i do?

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Barked: Mon Feb 22, '10 9:13pm PST 
Hi guys! Okay, I haven't read your other thread, but it sounds like you are being really good with watching her when she is in the bedroom to eliminate her chances of peeing on the bed.

What it sounds like, eliminating the fact there are no medical issues, is she may be going through a back pedal. That is what I call it but pups go through stages. And you might be hitting an adolescent stage. If she is potty trained and she is not teething, then although she is trained, she is going through a rebellious stage. lol. this can come in a couple of cycles. If that is the case, don't fret, you just need to go back to some basic 101 training. And ti can happen when there is a change in the home or routine. It sounds like she is reacting to your fiance's injury. He might have been more playful with her and more engaged before and his change in behavior may have caused a reaction.

Also, min pins tend to be more loyal to one of the family members. Is it you or your fiance? Either way, have that person provide the basics 101 again of the not chewing and no potty in the bed. It may accelerate her back to her old routine. and it's awesome that you are taking the lead on taking her out. Keep to her routine but take her for longer walks, give her a chewy that is a good subsitute for chewing on items she shouldn't be. Frozen marrow bones are great once a week. Great recreational activity and helps her chew. you can get them at the butcher or supermarket, also called soup bones, and get the small size. If it's a first time, take out half the marrow first and then freeze. Take an old sheet or towel you don't like and let her have one on it on the kitchen floor (it can be messy) and watch her the first time. Teach her to keep it on the towel or sheet. I use the command "sheet" and Gibbon puts it on the sheet every time if he strays from it. You can always take it away and let her have it for short time periods. They love gnawing on those things forever. And when they dry, you can just keep it with their toys and they will grab it on their own every now and then to chew it. It's a godsend for chewers.

But also be sure she is not in discomfort. If she was peeing and chewing, maybe rule out her teeth or gums as well that may be the root of the problem.

Hope this helps!