Some people say I can't be a Min Pin

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Barked: Wed Aug 18, '10 1:19pm PST 
I am so glad to hear about larger minpins. I have never met another big pin besides the standard ones or the smaller 6 pounders.
People always come up to me and ask what kind of breed she is.(usually min pin owners), and they're shocked that she is a min pin because of how large she is.

My 3 year old is 20lbs. She is not fat or overweight either. She is actually really trim with really long legs and a large rib cage(i assume she packs a huge set of lungs in that large chest of hers because her favorite thing to do is run run run. Must be the greyhound in the min pin background.)

Anyway, my min pin is not a mix either. She fits the personality and physical gait of a min pin. And her parents are standard sized min pins. I guess my dog just turned out mutant huge. LOL

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