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Am I a Min Pin?

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Barked: Wed Jan 28, '09 8:20pm PST 
I think I'm a mini pin mix. I look so similar but am somewhat bigger than most of the pictures I've seen of other mini pins.

more Cheeto's- please.......
Barked: Mon May 4, '09 2:34pm PST 
As a breeder I do not see anything else based on the pics. it must be noted that Zwergpinschers are in fact terriers and not truly toy breed dogs. Far too many people categorize dogs that they see as supposedly being small and when they are not assume they must be mixed. The Miniature Pinscher was derived from crossing a smooth coated Dachshund with an Italian Greyhound. A Miniature Pinscher can in fact get up to 20lbs and stand in the area of 16 to 17 inches. As for A.J. There is no German Pinscher or MT in there...yours is a Miniature Pinscher.
I raise GP's also and in fact, there is no physical comparison between Miniature Pinschers and German Pinschers outside of the black & tan or rust. Their body, head, toplines etc are not anywhere near the same. They share no common ancestry outside of today modern German Pinscher which owes its breed to the Miniature Pinschers in the mid to late 1940's.

All Natural
Barked: Wed Aug 26, '09 7:21pm PST 
I am a Natural also.. so.. I think Min Pin it is.. We have long tails and the natural ears..

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