Favourite minpin books

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Minpins from- across the pond
Barked: Mon Sep 10, '07 12:05am PST 
I guess my favourite is “British Miniature Pinscher” but then I’m bound to be bias as I’m the author. laugh out loud

So my favourite minpin book by another author would have to be “A King Amongst Toys” which was written by my mother, so I guess I could be biased on that one too. big laugh

If I was to choose a book where I have no connection to the author it would have to be “the Miniature Pinscher That You may know” by Chip Jones. My reason for choosing this particular book would be because it explains how to trip the neck of a Miniature Pinscher with a ridge or cowlick as well as explaining in detail the full grooming process, which I haven’t come across in any other Miniature Pinscher Book. way to go

What is your favourite Miniature Pinscher book and why?