I'm Going to Model!

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♥- Crazy Daisy- ♥

The Craaazy Min- Pin
Barked: Sat Jul 28, '07 6:32pm PST 
Some of you might remember my brother, Chico (or, if you want his full "papers" name, Chico Rio Mario big laugh), posting in Plus Fun and Other Barks & Woofs only a few days ago saying that he was going to be a model at the Canine Cruise in New York City next month. Now, I was a bit upset. I mean, why did they pick Chico and not me? frown Maybe it has something to do with Chihuahuas...since I noticed pretty much all the modeling pictures were of Chis.

Anyway, yesterday, Mommy got an email from another modeling bunch saying that her "special companion" was chosen to model. Mom wasn't sure what she meant. After all, she's bringing three of her furbabies! big laugh She called up the lady today and Grace told her that I'd been selected to model. She told Mom that I have a "model figure." Mom sent her my measurement a moment ago.

I'm so excited!! Mom can't wait to walk Chico and I down the "dogwalk." She's actually getting little "pawfolios" together for Chico and me for when we go to NYC. laugh out loud

Mom's a bit dissapointed that Chii didn't get chosen? confused Maybe they were just looking for smooth coated dogs??

Wish me luck!