Update on Peaches' family-please keep thinking of us

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Peaches-R.I.- P- (1/18/06-3/1- 9/07

Barked: Wed Mar 28, '07 4:25pm PST 
Hello Dogster friends, Thank you again for all your support. We've just had another blow to our family today. Our 15 yr old family cat Abbey has been in and out of the vet the last 2 days. Her liver and kidneys have failed her. We just noticed her sickness this week. We're going to have to decide when to put her down. My husband's birthday is Friday. Our bucket is full and we feel like we can't make it another day. This will be our second pet lost in two weeks. We feel defeated and want to quit. Please keep remembering us. We're out of tears. Much love, Peaches mommy

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Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 3:35pm PST 

I'm so sorry. That's never an easy decision to make. Just do what you feel is right for her. Fifteen is a good, long life, though. You're obviously good, loving parents.

Don't let this discourage you from getting another pet in the future. Just make sure you are both ready before you get one. Take as long as you need.

Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 6:38pm PST 
We are so sorry to hear this! We can't believe you are having to go though another loss so soon! You family is in our thoughts and prayers. Give Sweet Pea a hug for us!
We are also sending hugs to you and your husband!
In tears...
Lexy and Baylee