I need help

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Mommy's Little- Girl
Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 3:50pm PST 
Can some of you Min Pins give me 10 pros and 10 cons about owning a Min Pin and also howyou can fly with them?

what is yours is- MINE
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '07 11:54am PST 
10 pros.....hummmmmm
They keep you active
they are reallllllly smart
they learn quick
they love to walk and play!
they lovvvveeee to snuggle with you under the blankets
there is no that much "up keep" grooming etc.
small dogs = small poo (tee hee)
Mine...is very social with people and other dogs
They are the jokers of breeds......
live to nice age

now....cons.....well you don't know me but Rocky has given me a run for my money BOL
I have had Bark busters ....over....bark bark bark
but hey that is the way they talk LOL
GET into everything!!!! If you leave it out...they are into it
A small dog that thinks its a GREAT DANE
For me....hard to house train HOWEVER I know plenty that are no prob.
Have Have to with this breed really I think need a fence realllllll runners and FAST!
This is the most stubborn I have ever ever owned

Would I trade it......NOT FOR THE WORLD.....he cracks me up and keeps me on my toes!

I solemnly swear- that I'm up to- no good
Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 3:43pm PST 
Pros (in no particular order):
1. Very smart.
2. Perfect size for my lifestyle.
3. Very loving and affectionate.
4. Always happy to see me when I get home.
5. Loves to snuggle at night.
6. Doesn't require much grooming.
7. Nice to everyone, including most strangers.
8. Pretty much the cutest dogs ever.
9. Takes a lot of naps, so Mommy can have sme down time.
1o. Loves to play, which could be because Zelda's still a puppy.

Cons (let's hope I can think of 10):
1. Zelda's a bit of a digger.
2. Can be difficult to housetrain.
3. Stubborn.
4. A bit of a drama queen.
5. Can't think of any more!!!


To Know Me is to- Love Me
Barked: Sun Apr 1, '07 3:57pm PST 

1. They are adorable!
2. They are very smart
3. They are lots of fun (little comedians)
4. The keep you in shape
5. They keep you on your toes.... that could be a con too!
6. They don't require professional grooming, just bathe and brush.
7. They are good watch dogs
8. They don't have many health issues
9. They have a long average life span 14-16 yrs.
10. They love to snuggle


1. They bark a lot
2. They are extremely energetic & fast (i.e. hard to catch!)
3. They require a lot of training
4. They are fragile and delicate
5. A lot of them are power chewers
6. They like to have control (they are known as "the king of the toys"

hmmmm.. I can think of more "pros" than "cons" big grin

I love this breed so much that after adopting my min pin mix, I adopted a full bred min pin. They are wonderful little dogs. puppy