tell me the stories you have of your min pin

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Baxter Jack

In my eyes they- puppies forever
Barked: Tue Mar 27, '07 1:00pm PST 

I have a baby chi named baxter who recently informed me that he was sick of playing with cats but wanted a friend like him. well the closest i got was min pin/jack russell (purebred parents, accident pups OOPS!) (the pup looks 100% like a min pin)

i was just reading on the net about the min pins and i wanted find out some personal stories about people and their min pins.

so if you have stories - good or bad behavior stories, being silly, fav toys, how your dog is around other dogs

i would really looove it if people shared this with me!!

oh yes and help me with some names its a HE

what is yours is- MINE
Barked: Wed Mar 28, '07 1:22pm PST 
You can check out my page I am the leader of trouble LOL
welllllll......my mom has two favs......1) I chewed on her water bra and she didn't knowit till she was half way to work......big laugh Why she didnt think that was funny
2) I jump reallllllly high! My mom was fixing dinner and the phone rang and I bounce and pogo pogo and when she turned back around I was atop the stove helping myself to dinner.....well thats what she says I say it was quality control I just wanted to make sure everything was up to snuff.snoopy

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Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 9:19am PST 
Don't let those eyes fool you. Zelda is not as innocent as she tries to look. laugh out loud She's very very smart and that meakes her good at figuring out new ways to get into trouble. For weeks she has been watching people in the bathroom, marvelling at how to unroll the toilet paper. Yesterday that came to fruition.

She went into my bathroom and unrolled all of the toilet paper, and took the cardboard tube inside to chew on. I was on my computer and just happened to look into the hallway to see TP strewn everywhere, and Zelda chewing on the tube in the living room. When I came out she flashed me those big "I'm cute please don't yell at me" eyes.

What a girl.

(Speaking as Zelda now) Oh, and Rocky...I like to chew bras too. Luckily my mommy doesn't have one made of water (she certianly doesn't need that...) but she likes to joke that I could live in one of the cups. Sometimes she'll catch me running through the house carrying one.

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Baxter Jack

In my eyes they- puppies forever
Barked: Thu Mar 29, '07 11:57pm PST 
hehe, what great stories so far!! my little chi baxter also likes bras!!!!! can you imagine having two dogs fighting over bras!! its gonna be soo funny!
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Barked: Fri Mar 30, '07 7:09pm PST 
laugh out loud Don't let my innocent eyes fool you either. XD I'm the master at tearing things up. Mom says that if she doesn't find something to keep me occupied, I might somehow manage to destroy the house! BOL. My diary is full of my stories, so I'll just direct you there. big grin

My Diary
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Barked: Mon Apr 30, '07 3:13am PST 
i'm a foster mama for IMPS, the national min pin rescue, and boy can i tell you some fun stories about pinners! they are just the best dogs ever! i love them soooo much! every one i meet is special and unique, and it's just a joy to get to know them all. here's one funny one- a foster named shaemus used to actually SING and hum tunefully when he wanted affection, or when he was getting petted! that, and he would LEAN into you for more love and snuggles whenever he was feeling cuddly. what an amazing dog that was! puppy
check out my foster pups pages for some cute pics and sweet stories of rescue! oh, and ps- my panchito loves loves loves the grossest things, like dirty undies and bras! ugh... WHY?!?!

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Barked: Tue May 1, '07 1:10pm PST 
Wouldn't know where to start. I am my mom and dad's 2nd
MinPin. Their first on was a shelter dog with a sad life until
he landed here.. Same goes for me. I was chained to a barrel
beside a loud, busy highway. When my Mom and Dad bought me
out of that place, my life really changed for the better.
I live in the country, get to run and play, get 2 or 3 long walks
every day on my leash and walks in the woods without it, as
long as I mind. I sleep where I want to. Eat when I'm hungry,
Go for a ride every day, sometimes on the 4 wheeler.
Mom and Dad are retired, so we are together all the time.
They havent been on a vacation since I moved in. Don't trust
any one to tend to me like they do.
Jumpin' Jack- Flash Red

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Barked: Thu Jul 19, '07 10:57am PST 
Jack is SOOO smart. At 6 months he demanded to not b crated anymore. You are sposed to go 1 year b4 he gets free rein of the house. I let him out as a test and he has NEVER so much as tore up 1 shoe! Never, nothing! He listens to everything I say. On walks I say, "Jack, lets go this way" He turns and goes ware I say! He also tries hard not to tangle his leash. If he knows we are leaving he demands to know who what ware and when. Once we tell him he is OK! He understands EVERYTHING! His vocabulary is more extencive than some boyfriends Iv had. His new word is "rain"