How much do you weigh?

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Ella- Fitzgerald

Barked: Sat Aug 11, '07 7:21am PST 
6.5 LBs, 8 months old.
Gustav - forever a- good boy

Eat/chew first,- ask questions- later.
Barked: Tue Aug 14, '07 3:09am PST 
I'm a big guy too - 1.5 yr, 13 in length, 13.5 lbs. puppy
Dr.- Christian- Troy

8 Pounds of- Fire!
Barked: Wed Aug 15, '07 5:00pm PST 
I'm over 2 years old and I weigh 8 pounds! I am very lean and lanky!


All-American Pup- (Canadian Mom)
Barked: Thu Aug 16, '07 11:22am PST 
I'm 22lb but I'm a dachshund (standard I think) mini-pin mix smile Or so mommy thinks...

The BIG DOG in a- mini pin body.
Barked: Wed Aug 29, '07 10:11am PST 
Last time I was weighed, I weighed 11 lbs. but I've found my appetite again so I could weigh more by now. I've got a nice healthy round belly and my mom says I'm solid. I turned a year May 8th but had bilateral knee surgery June 25th and lost my appetite for awhile.

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Angus- MacFurgus

Enabled Not- Disabled
Barked: Sun Sep 2, '07 11:58pm PST 
I weigh 9 pounds, unless Mom and Dad have been slipping me treats. I'm half Min Pin and Doxie (but when you consider Min Pins are bred from Doxies somewhere down the line, it is rather redundant). I'm shorter to the ground, but longer.

Watch it...I- like the big- dogs!!!
Barked: Thu Sep 27, '07 5:57pm PST 
I am a very large min pin...I weigh in at 20 lbs. My grandpa calls me a maxi pin, he thinks that he is so funny. I am just bread big.red face

Look at me, look- at me!!
Barked: Mon Oct 8, '07 6:08pm PST 
I'm about 12 pounds and I'll be 4 in May. Mommy says I'm not fat, just very well fed! BOL!
In loving- memory- *Madde*

Barked: Sun Oct 21, '07 1:13pm PST 
I am 12 pounds right now. I just had 2 baby girls last Saturday on the 13th, and I am full of milk right now. So I am feeling a little fat.

Barked: Mon Nov 26, '07 10:11am PST 
I went to the vet for my 1st visit and she told me I weigh 4.3 1/2 pounds and almost 12 weeks old wink

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