trembling or shaking

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Barked: Thu Mar 13, '14 9:01am PST 
My little man is an 8 year old rescue who it seems was always in a cage. He has adapted to his new home very well BUT when we hold him (Mister-Mister) he trembles. I think he's having a good "big feeling". There seems to be no other time that he shakes. Has anyone else experienced this happening?

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My pumpkin shakes a lot. She has had a happy loving home since she was a puppy and never crated. She shakes mostly when nervous, esp when new people hold her. She shakes when it's gonna rain outside. I'd say that a daushound shaking can be a normal trait. She shakes in new situations so since ur dog isn't use to being held it may take longer b4 it stops. But mine shakes often