HELP first time mini dach owner stress

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The story begins a few weeks ago when i decided to get a mini dachshund as I always wanted a dog. After much persuasion my family (esp. my mom) permits me to have a dog in the house. I'm 17 yrs old and I understand that my mom allows me to have a dog totally because she loves me and she wants me to be happy. So I got my mini smooth short haired dachshund and named it lawlaw. She is perfectly fine; She is paper trained and has occasional accidents on the kitchen floor (we confine her in the kitchen). The thing is, we are all expecting a little more obedient (we know it's hard for a puppy at this age), a little less hyperactive (she never gets tired; she went out four times, consumed the dewormer pill and socialized with two dogs who were driven crazy by her hyperactive and snappy temperament but was still energetic and asking for a game at night). I have an insightful talk with my mom and we all agree that we are somehow not getting used to a life with a dog (one more thing to care about). My mom complains that we can't be as free as we could be before (we can't travel, we worry about leaving her alone at home for too long, we worry about her health,etc.) I really want my mom to be happy and I'm somehow influenced by what she concerned. I questioned myself and find that I want my old life back. I miss the days when I only care about my school work, my social life, the days when I come and go as I please. I know some owners who are going through this adjustment period too, any ideas on how I can get over with it?