Housebreaking issues, at my wits end

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small but mighty
Barked: Sun Jul 15, '12 5:55am PST 
Chloe is 7 months old and I feel like she's never going to be housebroken. Because of mistakes that I have made I feel like I've damaged her.

I have never had a puppy before and therefore never tried to housebreak one. I do work full-time and in retrospect I probably shouldn't have gotten a puppy. I wanted a dachshund though and rescues would not give me one because we have two larger dogs and I work full-time.

The breeder gave me advice that I now realize was not that great. He said to put her in a large crate with newspaper in the back. I already had a crate for a large dog and it is considerably larger than she is, but because of this I think she has no qualms about walking in her pee, jumping around in her poo, etc...So I don't think trying to crate train her will work now.

Because I work full-time I thought it would be a good idea to train her to use pee pads. I went with that method since I thought she would be confused if I had her use pads sometimes and outside other times. She only somewhat understands that I want her to use them. Sometimes she will use it, others she just goes to the bathroom wherever. For example this morning, she had to pee, so she peed on the bed and she loves to poop on the living room area rug.

I've been trying to transfer her to going to the bathroom outside. Sometimes she will pee, she has never pooped outside. Now she is probably even more confused.

I also can't afford to send her to doggy daycare or have a dog walker come mid day. Even if she learns to go outside, do I still leave a pee pad with her in a pen while I'm at work?

I bought one of those poochie bells hoping that would help. But she doesn't seem to make the connection.

I would really rather not deal with a dog that pees and poops all over the place for the rest of her life. Is this fixable? What should I do moving forward? Or is it a lost cause at this point?

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Barked: Wed Aug 8, '12 6:45pm PST 
Hi Chloe! My mom had me in a small crate when I was a baby and I didn't like to sit in my pee so I would try to hold it until she came home. I was happy thaylt mom only worked 5 miles from home and could home for lunch to play and let me go potty. I didn't get the whole potty outside thing for a long time. I mean, why would I walk my tiny legs all the way outside when I could pee or poop right I was?!

I eventually got the hang of it with the help of mom's patience and understanding, some people think we doxies are stubborn nut we are just very smart and it needs to make sense in our brain for us to learn. =) When mom brought my rescue-brother, Marty, home he just did what I did. (Except he still pees in my human brother's bedroom if the door is left open.) My second rescue-brother, Oscar, went around peeing everywhere when he came here to live. He was trying to mark his territory to make sure mom and dad didn't know this was his forever home. (Like that would happen!) Are you trying to let the big dogs know that you are the boss?

I know the grass tickles when we pee and poop, but keep working on it! With a set routine and one specific training technique it will all come together when you least expect it. All hope is NOT lost!

My mom and dad are SO proud of me, I never go potty in the house anymore!